A female German Shepherd Puppy looks at the camera.
Paprika, one of the puppies participating in our club.

Our Eyes Have Paws is a Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club based in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. At any given time, the club is raising between 10 and 20 puppies and has 40-50 active members.

Meetings are held once a month. If you are interested in attending our meeting please contact us for more information. Meetings are focused on training puppies and sharing advice, but they’re also an opportunity for the puppies (and their puppy raisers!) to socialize.

In addition to the monthly meetings, the club regularly schedules additional events aimed at socializing the puppies and exposing them to as many different kinds of environments as possible. Prior events include:

  • Club outings to IronPigs baseball games.
  • Ice cream fundraisers at the Cup in Bethlehem.
  • Tours of Newark Liberty International Airport and Lehigh Valley International Airports.
  • Movie nights with the puppies.
  • “Puppy Breaks” during finals weeks at Lafayette College and Lehigh University.
  • LANTA bus rides.
  • Nature walks in Jacobsburg State Park.
  • Visits to Longwood Gardens.
  • Day trips to New York City

Visit the puppy-raising page to learn more about what we do, and use the contact page to get involved.